Rhett Miller, singer, songwriter
Singer ~ Songwriter
Old 97's

Rhett Miller

September 6, 1970, Austin, TX

Formed in 1993, the Old 97's built a devoted following with their blend of country and power-pop influences, which won the group a brief stay on the roster of Elektra Records. All four members also pursued side projects, but Miller's solo career captured the most attention, with the literate songwriter training his eye on such subjects as fatherhood, sex, and love. Technically speaking, Miller launched his own career before the Old 97's even formed. He recorded his first solo album, a series of acoustic folk songs entitled Mythologies, in 1989. Future Old 97's bassist (and solid songwriter in his own right) Murry Hammond produced the album, and the partnership later blossomed into a full-fledged band. ~ Allmusic: Rhett Miller ~ retrieved September 5, 2013 © Allmusic

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September 10, 1966 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (5) the Beatles, Yellow Submarine ~ #2 (1) Donovan, Sunshine Superman ~ #1 (4) the Supremes, You Can't Hurry Love


Miller, the modest lead singer of alt-country band The Old 97’s, hardly acts like he’s married to supermodel Erica Iahn and hobnobs with L.A.’s biggest music producers. His Texas upbringing has influenced his genial, easygoing demeanor and his songwriting. ~ The Daily Northwestern: Recycling Rock ~ April 19, 2006 © The Daily Northwestern

Old 97's

“But our stuff is pretty straightforward, you know. It’s classic American songwriting. You know, there are some tricks here and there, but it’s pretty straight. And that combined with the fact that I don’t think any of us in the band or in our fanbase get really hung up on us being technically perfect. I think there’s something to be said for spontaneity and a little bit of a raggedness to our sound. I don’t think anybody begrudges us that.” ~ Rhett Miller ~ L.A. Record: Rhett Miller interview ~ July 8, 2009 © L.A. Record

Old 97's ~ Longer Than You've Been Alive (Old 97's) ~ Ranked #49 Rolling Stone 50 Best Songs of 2014 ~ The alt-country vets get real about what it's like to be a band for 20-plus years in this wry lament. ~ 2014 © Rolling Stone

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