Marc Bolan, singer, guitarist
Singer ~ Songwriter
birth name: Mark Feld

Marc Bolan

September 30, 1947, London, England ~ September 16, 1977, London, England

Q: Do you feel your position in England is temporary? ~ A: I think life is temporary; on that level, yes. On the other aspect, no. There’s no way I can’t continue in England. These past two years I’ve been ground down people’s throats in Europe so hard that they’d need a brain-washing machine to get of the Marc Bolan picture. They’ve gotten so much, they can’t erase it. It’s like, whether you like it or not, you’re always gonna know who Elvis Presley is. It’s like that with me. I’m always on the front of the national papers; I’m always on television. It’s different from America, you see, because you have so much media here that a lot of it washes over you. In Europe, you’re sort of given one thing at a time. ~ reprint 1973 Creem Magazine via The Uncool: Marc Bolan 1973 Interview ~ retrieved April 27, 2016 © Creem/The Uncool

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September 30, 1978 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (3) Olivie Newton-John, Hopelessly Devoted To You ~ #2 (1) A Taste Of Honey, Boogie Oogie Oogie ~ #1 (2) Exile, Kiss You All Over


Singer, songwriter, guitarist Marc Bolan was one of the major glam rock figures of the early '70s, especially in England. ~ Allmusic: Marc Bolan ~ retrieved April 21, 2014 © Allmusic


The core of the band was its singer and lead guitarist, Marc Bolan. Bolan employed a series of percussionists, and other musicians rounded out the band's sound on records and in concert; but T.Rex was essentially a vehicle for Bolan's songwriting and distinctive stage presence. T.Rex is perhaps best remembered for its single American hit Bang A Gong (Get It On), recorded in 1971. But at the peak of their popularity in England, in 1972 and 1973, the band attracted fan adulation rivaled only by that of the Beatles in their prime. And the musicians who would create the rock styles of the future were carefully observing the mix of stage flamboyance, concept-album fantasy, eroticism, frenzied guitar work, and mystical poetry that Bolan concocted. ~ Musicianguide: T.Rex ~ retrieved March 26, 2014 © Musicianguide

The band had a huge following in Britain but failed to replicate that success in in the United States and elsewhere. They are credited with introducing the phenomenon of "glam rock" to pop music and influencing artists such as David Bowie. The band has been dogged by premature deaths. Bolan, the most famous member of the band, died when the car he was a passenger in hit a tree in 1977. Former member Took died through choking on a cherry stone, and Steve Currie (bass player) died in a car crash. ~ BBC: Mickey Finn Obituary ~ January 13, 2003 © BBC

T.Rex ~ Electric Warrior (1971) ~ Ranked #20 Pitchfork Top 100 Albums Of The 1970s in 2004 ~ Electric Warrior served as the blueprint for glam and - filtered through the filth of New York Dolls and The Sex Pistols - the genesis of punk's attitude, if not its sound. ~ 2004 © Pitchfork

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