Koko Taylor, singer
birth name: Cora Walton

Koko Taylor

September 28, 1928, Memphis, TN ~ June 3, 2009, Chicago, IL

Koko Taylor was that rare bird, a successful female singer in the male-dominated world of the blues; from a dirt-poor background as the daughter of a Tennessee sharecropper, she made her name on Chicago's tough but hugely influential electric blues scene during the early 1960s. A contemporary of BB King and Howlin' Wolf, she survived more than her share of career setbacks. These gave her ample reason to sing the blues, and she often wrote her own material, drawing on everyday experience to effect broad appeal. […] Famously capable of standing up for herself, and tolerating no nonsense from any of her male colleagues, she recently declared: “It's tough being out there doing what I'm doing in what they call a man's world.”. ~ The Telegraph: Koko Taylor Obituary ~ June 4, 2009 © The Telegraph

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September 28, 1974 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (4) Billy Preston, Nothing From Nothing ~ #2 (3) Olivia Newton-John, I Honestly Love You ~ #1 (2) Andy Kim, Rock Me Gently


Koko Taylor's first song for Chess Records was called ‘I Got What It Takes.’ Back in 1962, it must have seemed like an announcement of her arrival on the Chicago blues scene. Now, it's more like a statement of fact; nearly 50 years of writing, recording and performing as a blues singer all over the world kind of prove your mettle in the music business 7hellip; not that it's always been a walk in the park. “A lot of people think just because you're an entertainer, everything is on a silver platter,” says the 71-year-old, who many know as Chicago's Queen of the Blues. “But it's not that simple. It's work. But I'm not complaining about my work because I'm doing what I wanna do and what I love to do, and that's making people happy with my music all over the world.” ~ Centerstage: Koko Taylor ~ June 4, 2007 © Centerstage

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