Charlie Byrd, guitarist
birth name: Charlie Lee Byrd

Charlie Byrd

September 16, 1925, Chuckatuck, VA ~ December 2, 1999, Annapolis, MD

Charlie Byrd jammed with Django Reinhardt, recorded with Woody Herman, studied with the great Segovia, and with Stan Getz introduced the Brazilian bossa nova to international audiences. He then proceeded to form a super guitar trio with Barney Kessel and Herb Ellis. His musical interests took in virtually every form in which the guitar found a prominent voice. ~ All about Jazz: Charlie Byrd ~ retrieved September 12, 2013 © All About Jazz

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In 1957 Byrd met double bassist Keter Betts in a Washington, D.C., club called the Vineyard. The two began doing gigs together, and by October they were frequently performing at a club called the Showboat. In 1959 the pair joined Woody Herman's band and toured Europe for 3 weeks as part of a State Department-sponsored ‘goodwill’ tour. The other members of the band were Vince Guaraldi, Bill Harris, Nat Adderley and drummer Jimmy Campbell. Byrd also led his own groups that sometimes featured his brother Joe. Byrd was also active as a teacher in the late 1950s; he trained several guitar students at his home in D.C., each being required to 'audition' for him, before he decided if they had potential enough to warrant his input. ~ Wikipedia: Charlie Byrd ~ retrieved September 12, 2013 © Wikipedia

Tasteful, low-key, and ingratiatingly melodic, Charlie Byrd had two notable accomplishments to his credit - applying acoustic classical guitar techniques to jazz and popular music and helping to introduce Brazilian music to mass North American audiences. ~ Allmusic: Charlie Byrd ~ retrieved September 12, 2013 © Allmusic

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