Electro musician Moby
birth namee: Richard Melville Hall


September 11, 1965, New York, NY

The secret history of contemporary dance music has only become clear in hindsight. In the early ā€™90s, aficionados realized that electronic music reconciled American hip hop with English acid house, while drawing from elements as diverse as Jamaican dub and German disco. But supposedly it had nothing to do with blues and soul and rock ā€˜nā€™ roll. ‘Play,’ Moby's sixth album, proves that's a lie. ~ Salon.com: Moby ~ June 8, 1999 © Salon

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September 11, 1999 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (3) LFO, Summer Girls ~ #2 (4) TLC, Unpretty ~ #1 (1) Enrique Iglesias, Bailamos


Often tagged the king of techno - as well as the first face of techno - Moby is notable among the hordes of anonymous DJs merely because he has stepped out from behind his turntable to seek the attention typically awarded only to rock stars. Yet his music - a symphonic combination of disco beats, punk-rock speed, and anthemic lyrics - withstands the focus. ~ Rolling Stone: Moby ~ retrieved July 5, 2013 © Rolling Stone

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