Saxophonist Illinois Jacquet
birth name: Jean Baptiste Illinois Jacquet

Illinois Jacquet

October 31, 1922, Boussard, LA ~ July 22, 2004, Queens, New York, NY

One of the great tenors, Illinois Jacquet's 1942 ‘Flying Home’ solo is considered the first R&B sax solo, and spawned a full generation of younger tenors (including Joe Houston and Big Jay McNeely who built their careers from his style, and practically from that one song. ~ Allmusic: Illinois Jacquet ~ retrieved July 20, 2013 © Allmusic

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October 31, 1964 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (3) J Frank Wilson & the Cavaliers, Last Kiss ~ #2 (1) Manfred Mann, Do Wah DIddy Diddy ~ #1 (6) the Supremes, Baby Love


Jacquet, at the age of 19 on the very first recording of his career, spawned an entirely new style and sound for the tenor saxophone. His classic solo on “Flying Home” recorded with the Lionel Hampton Band […] catapulted Jacquet to international fame and the solo became more famous than the song itself. All saxophonists learned to play Jacquet’s solo, every band recorded it, and people all over the world were humming this most famous solo in jazz history. Two years later […] while improvising with Nat King Cole on piano and Les Paul on guitar for a benefit concert at the Philharmonic Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, Jacquet began to play a range of notes he had never played before. With an innovational use of harmonics in a creative impulse Jacquet discovered what would become a permanent expansion of the upper register on the tenor saxophone by two and one-half octaves. He then contrasted these stratospheric notes with sudden punctuations of sound from the lowest notes on the horn, and Jacquet thus gave birth to what was called the honking tenor that became the hallmark of rock and roll and greatly influenced rhythm and blues. In this less than three minute solo, later to be entitled “Philharmonic Blues, Part II”, Jacquet anticipated far into the future and encompassed the blue-print for several generations of saxophonists. This sensational explosive solo created the spark that helped to launch Jazz at the Philharmonic, the entity that took jazz out of night clubs and into concert halls around the world. ~ All about Jazz: Illinois Jacquet ~ retrieved July 20, 2013 © All About Jazz

Illinois Jacquet ~ Inducted in the 1985 Big Band And Jazz Hall Of Fame.

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