Guitarist Eddie Cochran
birth name: Edward Raymond Cochrane

Eddie Cochran

October 3, 1938, Albert Lea, MN ~ April 17, 1960, Chippenham, Wiltshire, England

Eddie Cochran was the rock 'n' roll equivalent of actor James Dean. Good looking, supremely talented, and aching to grow beyond the material for which he became famous, he died before he could fulfill his artistic promise. ~ Musicianguide: Eddie Cochran ~ retrieved April 20, 2014 © Musicianguide

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October 3, 1959 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (2) The Browns, The Three Bells ~ #2 (7) Bobby Darin, Mack The Knife ~ #1 (1) Santo & Johnny, Sleep Walk


He was an exceptionally talented guitarist, an energetic stage performer, and an early master of studio overdubbing. ~ Rolling Stone: Eddie Cochran ~ retrieved April 20, 2014 © Rolling Stone

Eddie Cochran ~ Inducted in the 1987 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame ~ A flashy stage dresser with a tough-sounding voice, Cochran epitomized the sound and the stance of the Fifties rebel rocker. But he was also a virtuoso guitarist, overdubbing parts like Les Paul even on his earliest singles and playing with an authority that led music journalist Bruce Eder to pronounce him “rock’s first high-energy guitar hero, the forerunner to Pete Townshend, Jimmy Page, Duane Allman and, at least in terms of dexterity, Jimi Hendrix.” Cochran was also proficient on piano, bass and drums. ~ 1987 © Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Eddie Cochran ~ Singing To My Baby (1957) ~ Ranked #487 #DLW500 Dylan's 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time in 2012.

In 1995 two songs by Eddie Cochran made it to the 500 Songs That Shaped Rock & Roll ~ C'mon Everybody ~ Summertime Blues

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