Bass guitarist Bill Wyman (Roling Stones)
Rolling Stones ~ Rhythm Kings
birth name: William George Perks, Jr.

Bill Wyman

October 24, 1936, Lewisham, England

As a member of the Rolling Stones for three decades, Bill Wyman established himself among the greatest bassists in rock & roll history; in tandem with drummer Charlie Watts, he belonged to one of the most stalwart rhythm sections in popular music, perfectly complementing the theatrics of Mick Jagger and the gritty guitar leads of Keith Richards. ~ Allmusic: Bill Wyman ~ retrieved October 23, 2014 © Allmusic

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October 24, 1992 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (13) Madonna, Erotica ~ #2 (2) Patty Smyth, Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough ~ #1 (1) Boyz II Men, End Of The Road


The Rolling Stones

some band info might not apply to Wyman, a member from 1962 thru 1993

The Rolling Stones began calling themselves the “World's Greatest Rock & Roll Band” in the Sixties, and few argued with them - even then. More than 40 years later, the band's music continues to sound vital. With literally scores of genre-setting hits under the group's belt - and fronted by two of rock's biggest archetypes - the Rolling Stones have done more to define the look, attitude and sound of rock & roll than any other band in the genre's history. ~ Rolling Stone: Rolling Stones ~ retrieved December 15, 2013 © Rolling Stone

The Rolling Stones ~ Ranked #21 Q Magazine 50 Bands You Must See Before You Die in 2002.

In 2012, eight Rolling Stones albums made it to the #DLW500 Dylan's 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time ~ #409 Aftermath (1966) ~ #337 Tattoo You (1981) ~ #272 Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967) ~ #245 Sticky Fingers (1971) ~ #221 Beggar's Banquet (1968) ~ #192 12x5 (1964) ~ #61 Let It Bleed (1969) ~ #3 Exile On Main St (1971)

The Rolling Stones ~ Exile On Main St (1972) ~ Ranked #12 VH-1 R&R's All Time Top 100 Albums Of All Time in 1999.

Bill Wyman & the Rhythm Kings

The British blues band Bill Wyman & the Rhythm Kings is an assemblage of some of the greatest names of 1960s and 1970s rock and roll. The Rhythm Kings was the brainchild of long-time Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman, who produced much of the band's material and provided continuity and structure for the group. The band's line up, though constantly changing, included Beverley Skeete on guitar and vocals, Gary Brooker on keyboards, and vocalist Georgie Fame. Cameo appearances from artists such as Peter Frampton and Eric Clapton added to the band's roll call of great rock and roll talent. The band signed with Velvel records and released two albums beginning in 1997, and toured between recording sessions. ~ Musicianguide: Bill Wyman & the Rhythm Kings ~ retrieved October 23, 2013 © Musicianguide

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