Singer Bobby Fuller (Bobby Fuller Four)
Singer ~ Songwriter
Bobby Fuller Four
birth name: Robert Gaston Fuller

Bobby Fuller

October 22, 1942, Baytown, TX ~ July 18, 1966, Los Angeles, CA

In the short time he recorded for Mustang in 1965 and 1966, he waxed quite a few tracks (most self-penned) in addition to his hits. […] Rocking, tuneful, and infectiously joyous, they showed Fuller to be a worthy inheritor of early rock & roll and rockabilly traditions without sounding self-consciously revivalist. While it's hard to imagine Fuller maintaining his success in the era of psychedelia, he no doubt would have gone on to produce interesting work. ~ Allmusic: Bobby Fuller ~ retrieved July 14, 2013 © Allmusic

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October 22, 1960 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (2) Sam Cooke, Chain Gang ~ #2 (3) Connie Francis, My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own ~ #1 (4) the Drifters, Save The Last Dance For Me


How? Why? Nobody is really certain to this day. He was found dead in Hollywood, in his car. Authorities found his body covered in petechial hemorrahages, unsightly red and purple marks caused by exposure to gasoline vapors. Some figured he must have guzzled gasoline, and the cops ruled his death a suicide. Others say it was murder, with speculation ranging from Charles Manson to a nefarious LAPD coverup due to Fuller’s involvement with mafia women. Whatever happened, his tragic death ended an incredibly promising career. Fuller was a remarkable beautiful singer and songwriter with a bright and driving sound of joy. In many ways he seemed like the heir to Buddy Holly's legacy. ~ Willie Simpson: The Bobby Fuller Four, I Fought The Law ~ September 12, 2012 © Willie Simpson

The Bobby Fuller Four

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