Tanya Tucker, singer
birth name: Tanya Denise Tucker

Tanya Tucker

October 10, 1958, Seminole, TX

Tanya barely made it back to her bus before the stampede. About two hundred subteens swarmed the stage, trampling several of their own. She hurriedly locked the door, changed into a yellow sunsuit and put Gordon Lightfoot's Sundown tape on the bus's sound system before opening a window to sign autographs. Red waited 45 minutes until the crush of children around the bus subsided. Then he wordlessly handed Tanya the tape to be signed. His jaw muscles were working furiously and it was obvious he was rehearsing a line or two to pull on her. Finally he blurted one out: “Doncha get tired a writin' your name all day?” It didn't sound as suave as he had imagined and a sick grin was frozen on his face. Tanya looked up momentarily with a bright smile: “Did you say writing or riding?” ~ Rolling Stone: The Teasing Teenager ~ September 26, 1974 © Rolling Stone

A pre-teen country sensation in the early '70s, who integrated rock music and controversial material before returning to mainstream country. ~ Allmusic: Tanya Tucker ~ retrieved December 9, 2015 © Allmusic

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October 10, 1970 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (3) Dawn, Candida ~ #2 (6) Jackson 5, I'll Be There ~ #1 (4) Neil Diamond, Cracklin' Rosie


Bo Tucker took his youngest daughter's ambition very seriously after she began to sing songs for him, and by the time she was ten, Tanya had begun to sing in talent shows in Phoenix, Arizona, where the family had recently moved. Though she didn't win anything, the experience helped her learn how to perform before live audiences. Even as early as this, Tucker cut demo tapes which her father took to Nashville, Tennessee, in hopes of impressing record producers, but when they learned that the singer Bo was trying to promote was his own daughter, most wrote Tanya off as just another child whose naturally biased parents thought she had talent. ~ Encyclopedia: Tanya Tucker ~ retrieved June 11, 2016 © Encyclopedia

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