Jazz pianist Thelonious Monk
Pianist ~ Composer
birth name: Thelonious Sphere Monk

Thelonious Monk

October 10, 1917, Rocky Mount, NC ~ February 17, 1982, Weehawken, NJ

“I say, play your own way. Don't play what the public wants. You play what you want and let the public pick up on what you're doing? even if it does take them fifteen, twenty years.” ~ Thelonious Monk

The most important jazz musicians are the ones who are successful in creating their own original world of music with its own rules, logic, and surprises. Thelonious Monk, who was criticized by observers who failed to listen to his music on its own terms, suffered through a decade of neglect before he was suddenly acclaimed as a genius; his music had not changed one bit in the interim. In fact, one of the more remarkable aspects of Monk's music was that it was fully formed by 1947 and he saw no need to alter his playing or compositional style in the slightest during the next 25 years. ~ Allmusic: Thelonious Monk ~ retrieved October 10, 2013 © Allmusic

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October 10, 1992 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (3) House Of Pain, End Of The Road ~ #2 (2) Patty Smyth, Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough ~ #1 (1) Boyz II Men, End Of The Road


Monk took up piano at the age nine, and by thirteen he was barred from entering the Apollo Theatre’s amateur night competition because he had won it so many times. ~ Bop Piano: Thelonious Monk ~ December 31, 2012 © Bop Piano

Thelonious Monk ~ Voted into the 1963 Downbeat Jazz Hall Of Fame (Readers Poll).

Thelonious Monk ~ Round Midnight ~ Ranked #37 RIAA Top 365 Songs Of The Century in 2001.

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