Jazz pianist Thelonious Monk
Pianist ~ Composer
birth name: Thelonious Sphere Monk

Thelonious Monk

October 10, 1917, Rocky Mount, NC ~ February 17, 1982, Weehawken, NJ

“I'm famous. Ain't that a bitch?” ~ Thelonious Monk

Yet throughout much of his life, his musical contribution took a backseat to tales of his reputed behavior. Writers tended to obsess over Monk’s hats or his proclivity to dance on stage. To his fans, he was the ultimate hipster; to his detractors he was temperamental, eccentric, taciturn, or child-like. But, these labels tell us little about the man or his music. In the first book on Thelonious Monk based on exclusive access to the Monk family papers and private recordings, as well as a decade of prodigious research, prize-winning historian Robin D.G. Kelley brings to light a startlingly different Thelonious Monk - witty, intelligent, generous, family-oriented, politically engaged, brutally honest, and a devoted father and husband. Indeed, ‘Thelonious Monk’ is essentially a love story. ~ Monkbook.com: The Book ~ retrieved October 10, 2013 © Monkbook.com

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October 10, 1998 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (2) Aerosmith, I Don't Want To Miss A Thing ~ #2 (3) Barenaked Ladies, One Week ~ #1 (1) Monica, The First Night


Monk took up piano at the age nine, and by thirteen he was barred from entering the Apollo Theatre’s amateur night competition because he had won it so many times. ~ Bop Piano: Thelonious Monk ~ December 31, 2012 © Bop Piano

Thelonious Monk ~ Inducted in the 1980 Big Band And Jazz Hall Of Fame.

Thelonious Monk ~ Round Midnight ~ Ranked #37 RIAA Top 365 Songs Of The Century in 2001.

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