Singer, songwriter, Johnny Mercer
birth name: John Herndon Mercer

Johnny Mercer

November 18, 1909, Savannah, GA ~ June 25, 1976, Los Angeles, CA

Johnny Mercer's main claim to immortality is his incredible songwriting output, penning the lyrics or music and lyrics to roughly 1,500 songs. Marked by a sophisticated, occasionally whimsical mastery of language and rhymes, many of Mercer's songs have become standards regularly covered by jazz artists. Yet Mercer was also a successful singer, with a relaxed, Southern-accented, jazzy, rhythmically agile delivery that resulted in several major hits in the 1940s. At first, Mercer was torn between acting and songwriting, but having failed to land a part in Garrick Gaities in 1930, he ended up writing his first hit, ‘Out of Breath, Scared to Death Of You,’ for the show. ~ Allmusic: Johnny Mercer ~ retrieved November 16, 2013 © Allmusic

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November 18, 1961 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (5) Brenda Lee, Fool Number One ~ #2 (2) Dion, Runaround Sue ~ #1 (1) Jimmy Dean, Big Bad John


Mercer was also a co-founder of Capitol Records. He is best known as a lyricist, but he also composed music. He was also a popular singer who recorded his own songs as well as those written by others. From the mid-1930s through the mid-1950s, many of the songs Mercer wrote and performed were among the most popular hits of the time. He wrote the lyrics to more than fifteen hundred songs, including compositions for movies and Broadway shows. He received nineteen Academy Award nominations, and won four.~ Wikipedia: Johnny Mercer ~ retrieved November 17, 2013 © Wikipedia

Johnny Mercer ~ Inducted in the 1971 Songwriters Hall of Fame ~ When people write about Johnny Mercer, they usually talk about his fabulous career, the sheer quantity of his output, the speed and ease with which he wrote, his southern charm, the hip sophistication of his lyrics. But all this misses the real point. Ask anyone who writes lyrics. Johnny Mercer was a genius. ~ 1971 © Songwriters Hall Of Fame

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