Aaron Copland, composer
Composer ~ Conductor

Aaron Copland

November 14, 1900, Brooklyn, NY ~ December 2, 1990, North Tarrytown, NY

One of America's most beloved composers, best known for works written in the 1930s and 1940s in a deliberately accessible manner he called his “vernacular style.” ~ Providence Singers: Aaron Copland ~ retrieved May 13, 2014 © Providence Singers

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Also on November 14 ~ Buckwheat Zydeco born ~ Cornell Gunter born 

November 14, 1992 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (3) P.M. Dawn, I'd Die Without You ~ #2 (1) Boyz II Men, End Of The Road ~ #1 (2) The Heights, How Do You Talk To An Angel


As much as anyone, Aaron Copland established American concert music through his compositions, polemics, promotions, and just plain hard work. He belongs to a generation of composers - along with Virgil Thomson, Roy Harris, and Walter Piston - which not only raised our native music to a thoroughly professional level, but put it on an equal footing with contemporary developments in European modernism. As Igor Stravinsky once remarked, “Why call Copland a great American composer? He's a great composer.” ~ Classical.net: Aaron Copland ~ retrieved May 13, 2014 © Classical.net

Aaron Copland ~ Inducted in the 2008 Long Island Music Hall Of Fame ~ It was his pioneering achievement to break free from European musical influence and create a concert music that is recognizably, characteristically American. ~ retrieved May 20, 2014 © Long Island Music Hall Of Fame

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