Mickie Most, producer
Producer ~ Label exec
birth name: Michael Peter Hayes

Mickie Most

June 20, 1938, Aldershot, England ~ May 30, 2003, London, England

One of the UK's most successful pop music producers, enjoying consistent hits from 1964 until the mid-1980s. Most's legacy includes such pop classics as House Of The Rising Sun, Hi-Ho Silver Lining, Mellow Yellow and You Sexy Thing. Yet a Mickey Most production often signalled pop fluff, with Most employing his considerable abilities to create hits around artists chosen purely for their pin-up appeal. In this sense, he laid the blueprint for the boy bands and girl groups that dominate today's charts. Most so consistently placed the right song with the right singer that he claimed to have had more worldwide No 1 hits than any other producer. ~ The Guardian: Mickie Most Obituary ~ June 2, 2003 © The Guardian

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May 30, 1964 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (1) Mary Wells, My Guy ~ #2 (4) the Dixie Cups, Chapel Of Love ~ #1 (2) the Beatles, Love Me Do


After changing his name to Mickie Most in 1959, Mickie travelled to South Africa with his wife Christina, and formed a pop group, Mickie Most and the Playboys. The band scored 11 consecutive No. 1 singles there, mostly with cover versions of Ray Peterson, Gene Vincent, Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran songs. ~ Wikipedia: Mickie Most ~ retrieved May 3, 2016 © Wikipedia

Most's profile lessened considerably in the '80s. He sold his RAK label and concentrated on managing the publishing catalog he had amassed from the numerous productions he helmed over the years. ~ Allmusic: Mickie Most ~ retrieved May 3, 2016 © Allmusic

As a Producer or co-producer

Donovan ~ Mellow Yellow (Donovan) ~ Named one of the Time Top 10 Songs With Silly Lyrics in 2007 ~ And the lyrics? Don’t even get us started. Saffron and Frontine? Who would name their daughters such things? Electrical banana? Completely nonsensical. ~ 2007 © TIME

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