Tom Morello, guitarist
Rage Against The Machine ~ Audioslave ~ E Street Band
birth name: Thomas Baptiste Morello

Tom Morello

May 30, 1964, Harlem, NY

Few rock guitarists in the 1990s were as groundbreaking as Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello. ~ Allmusic: Tom Morello ~ retrieved June 23, 2015 © Allmusic

Morello is best known for his groundbreaking, inventive musicianship as lead guitarist for Rage Against the Machine, one of the most aggressively political and uncompromisingly progressive rock bands in history. It may come as no surprise to learn that Morello was perhaps destined to fan the flames of revolution. Morello’s father was the first Kenyan ambassador to the United States, and his great uncle was the first person ever elected as president of Kenya. Brought up solely by his mother, a schoolteacher in the Chicago suburbs, Morello showed from an early age his talents in music and public performance. Morello was the first person ever from Libertyville, Illinois to enroll at Harvard University. Despite his academic talents, Morello’s true passion was with music. ~ Earth Tones: Tom Morello ~ retrieved June 23, 2015 ©

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May 30, 2009 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (3) Jamie Foxx featuring T-Pain, Blame It ~ #2 (2) Lady Gaga, Poker Face ~ #1 (1) The Black Eyed Peas, Boom Boom Pow


Tom Morello ~ Ranked #40 Rolling Stone Greatest Guitarists in 2011.

Rage Against The Machine

Greek philosopher Plato once wrote, “The introduction of a new kind of music must be shunned as imperiling the whole state, since styles of music are never disturbed without affecting the most important political institutions.” It is this idea that fueled the inspiration behind Rage Against the Machine. Combining the aggressiveness of metal with the vocal styling of rap, the band decided to use this hybrid to broadcast their societal message to anyone who would listen. Their self-titled debut album sold more than four million copies worldwide, and the musical message reached ears all over the world. ~ Musicianguide: Rage Against The Machine ~ retrieved June 23, 2015 © Musicianguide

Rage Against The Machine ~ Ranked #33 VH-1's 100 Greatest Hard Rock Artists in 2000.

Rage Against The Machine ~ Killing In The Name Of ~ Ranked #98 NME 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time in 2014 ~ One of the visceral highlights from Rage Against The Machine's iconic self-titled debuted album. ~ 2014 © NME

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