Beverly Sills, opera singer
Opera Singer ~ Director
New York Metropolitan
birth name: Belle Miriam Silverman

Beverly Sills

May 25, 1929, Brooklyn, NY ~ July 2, 2007, New York, NY

“A happy woman is one who has no cares at all; a cheerful woman is one who has cares but doesn't let them get her down.&rldquo; ~ Beverly Sills

With her vibrant, cheery personality, soprano Beverly Sills always was a favorite of the general public, among the most effective spokespersons the arts have had in America. The child of immigrant parents, Sills (born Belle Miriam Silverman) discovered singing at an early age; at four she was on a morning radio program as “Bubbles” Silverman, and by age seven she had sung in a movie. At 16 she joined a touring Gilbert and Sullivan company. Her most important vocal studies were with Estelle Liebling, who had been a favored soprano of John Philip Sousa. In 1947, she made her operatic debut as Frasquita in Carmen at Philadelphia. ~ Allmusic: Beverly Sills ~ retrieved June 29, 2015 © Allmusic

Acclaimed Brooklyn-born coloratura soprano who was more popular with the American public than any opera singer since Enrico Caruso, even among people who never set foot in an opera house. ~ New York Times: Beverly Sills Obituary ~ July 3, 2007 © New York Times

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She was an amphibious performer, equally at home on the lyric stage and on TV. Alongside Danny Kaye, Carol Burnett, and various Muppets, she gave elegant parodies of her profession, without ever becoming ridiculous. In the live broadcasts she hosted from Lincoln Center, her natural unsnobbishness made a strong argument for the wide appeal of the high arts. Sills took her work far more seriously than she took herself. She sang each role with total devotion, but also with a smile that communicated a subversive thought: What makes opera magical also makes it a little silly. ~ New York Mag: Beverly Sills Obituary ~ July 9, 2007 © New York Mag

Beverly Sills ~ Received the 1985 Kennedy Center Honor ~ The evolution of ‘Bubbly’ Silverman, the little girl from Brooklyn who sang Rinso White radio commercials, to Beverly (‘Bubbles’) Sills, international coloratura soprano of the first magnitude, was a long one. When she pulled down the curtain on her singing career in 1980, at the age of 51, in order to, in her words, “put my voice to bed so it will go quietly, with pride,” she left a legacy of operatic music destined to last in the recordings of nearly all her celebrated roles. ~ 1985 © Kennedy Center

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