Country Dick Montana, drummer
Drummer ~ Singer
Beat Farmers
birth name: Daniel McLain

Country Dick Montana

May 17, 1955, Carmel, CA ~ November 8, 1995, Whistler, BC, Canada

Best remembered by many for his time as vocalist and drummer for the band Beat Farmers, and his rowdy, fun-filled live performances, Country Dick Montana left a legacy of roots rock music behind him. ~ Allmusic: Country Dick Montana ~ retrieved November 2, 2013 © Allmusic

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May 17, 1980 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (3) Air Supply, Lost In Love ~ #2 (2) Christopher Cross, Ride Like The Wind ~ #1 (1) Blondie, Call Me


Country Dick Montana, a former record store owner, one-time (short-term) high school class president, ex-Crawdaddy drummer and past president of the Kinks Preservation Society fan club formed the Beat Farmers in 1983. With respectable pop, bar-band, rock-a-billy, punk/country credentials; twisted connections to The Bangles, Los Lobos, The Blasters, Tom Jones and Mojo Dixon (Dick officiated at his 1989 wedding and high-speed go-kart race); certifiable guitar heroes in Harris and Jerry Raney; the punky pulse of Rolle Love's bass; a fanatical cult of kazoo-bearing fans willing to drive hours to see them play live; and memorable, melodic songs about cars, girls, drinkin', God, country, unrequited love, drinkin', trailer parks, sex, lost weekends and drinkin' - the Beat Farmers filled a need for open, honest, quality roots-rock long before most people realized the genre even existed. The undisputed highlight of most Beat Farmer albums, as well as the loudest cheers at the thousands of shows the band played during their twelve year career, were reserved for the twisted ranting and unique world view of Montana. ~ Bar/None Records: Country Dick Montana ~ retrieved November 2, 2013 © Bar/None Records

Beat Farmers

The Beat Farmers […] enjoyed a cult following throughout into the early 1990s before the premature death of drummer and sometime lead singer Country Dick Montana. Their music has been described as an amalgamation of cow punk, jangle pop, roots rock, hard-twang Americana, country-rock, rockabilly, and swamp rock. ~ Wikipedia: Beat Farmers ~ retrieved April 24, 2014 © Wikipedia

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