Eddy Arnold, singer

Eddy Arnold

May 15, 1918, Hendersonville, TN ~ May 8, 2008, Nashville, TN

‘Make The World Go Away’ is exactly what Eddy Arnold did the minute he walked on stage or stepped behind the microphone. ~ About.com: Eddy Arnold Obituary ~ May 9, 2008 © About.com

A farm boy from Henderson, Tennessee, for many years he was known as the Tennessee Plowboy, but from his very early days he strove to throw off the hillbilly image and take his music to a much wider audience. He succeeded beyond his wildest dreams, crossing over from country to pop in the mid 1950s and then going uptown and international in the 1960s by sweetening his down-home country with lush orchestrations, donning a tuxedo and working the plush casinos and high-class cabaret rooms. ~ AlanCackett.com: Eddy Arnold ~ retrieved December 5, 2015 © Alan Cackett

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May 15, 1976 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (5) Wings, Silly Love Songs ~ #2 (1) John Sebastian, Welcome Back ~ #1 (3) The Sylvers, Boogie Fever


Arnold was given a guitar at the age of ten by his mother. His father, who had played fiddle and bass, died the following year. Arnold left school so he could help out on the farm. However, he began playing dances whenever he had a chance. Several years later, he made his first radio appearance on a station in Jackson. Arnold then moved to St. Louis, where he played in nightclubs with fiddler Speedy McNatt. In St. Louis, Arnold landed a regular spot on WMPS Memphis, spending six years at the radio station. Through the show, the singer earned a dedicated following of fans. ~ Allmusic: Eddy Arnold ~ retrieved June 24, 2013 © Allmusic

“I’ve never thought of myself as a country-and-western singer,” he told a reporter for The Charlotte Observer of North Carolina in 1968. “With the type material I do, I’m really a pop music artist.” He added, “I want my songs to be accepted by everyone.” ~ New York Times: Eddy Arnold Obituary ~ May 9, 2008 © New York Times

Eddy Arnold ~ Inducted in the 1966 Country Music Hall of Fame ~ Perhaps more than any other artist, Eddy Arnold personified country music’s adaptation to the modern, urban world, and its transition from folk-based sounds, styles, and images to pop-influenced ones. He was also one of country music’s most prolific hit-making artists, regularly placing songs high in the charts from the 1940s through the 1960s, and scoring Top Ten hits as late as 1980. ~ 1966 © Country Music Hall Of Fame

Eddy Arnold ~ Cattle Call (Owens) ~ Ranked #343 RIAA Songs Of The Century in 2001.

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