Lyricist Sammy Cahn
birth name: Samuel Cohen

Sammy Cahn

June 18, 1913, New York, NY ~ January 15, 1993, Los Angeles, CA

Sammy Cahn used to begin his stage act by singing one of his most successful later songs, Call Me Irresponsible. He would then draw it to our attention that this was a lyric based on a five-syllable word, adding that this was remarkable as he came from a two-syllable neighbourhood. He belonged to a tradition of New York Jewish songwriters who emerged out of actual or comparative poverty to do triumphant battle with the English language. Compared to an Ira Gershwin or Yip Harburg, Cahn kept his sophistication under wraps. He didn't flaunt his rhymes, though he was as fanatical as any of his peers about getting them exact and matching speech rhythms to musical rhythms. His words always fell naturally, which is how they seem to have come to him; and he poured them on to a typewriter, unheard-of in a pencil-chewing profession. He was one of the fastest writers in the business. ~ The Independent: Sammy Cahn Obituary ~ January 17, 1993 © The Independent

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June 18, 1960 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (5) Jack Scott, Burning Bridges ~ #2 (8) Connie Francis, Everybody's Somebody's Fool ~ #1 (1) the Everly Brothers, Cathy's Clown


In 1988, the Sammy Awards, an annual award for movie songs and scores, was started in his honor. When notified by Roger Hall, Cahn said he was “flattered and honored” that these awards were named after him. He was chosen because he had received more Academy Award nominations than any other songwriter, and also because he received four Oscars for his song lyrics. ~ Wikipedia: Sammy Cahn ~ retrieved January 11, 2014 © Wikipedia

Sammy Cahn ~ Awarded a Songwriters Hall Of Fame 1983 Johnny Mercer Award.

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