Brian May, guitarist
birth name: Brian Harold May

Brian May

July 19, 1947, Twickenham, London, England

Few rock guitarists possess a playing style as instantly recognizable as Queen's Brian May. With his orchestrated guitar armies (multi-tracked guitar lines overdubbed on top of each other) and instantly memorable, well-constructed melodic leads, May is in a class all by himself. ~ Allmusic: Brian May ~ retrieved May 16, 2015 © Allmusic

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July 19, 1975 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (10) 10cc, I'm Not In Love ~ #2 (2) Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony, The Hustle ~ #1 (3) Wings, Listen To What The Man Said


Brian May ~ Voted #62 Guitar World 100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time in 2012.


Following their debut in 1973, Queen, a completely different sort of band, was hailed as “a fresh, new breeze into the world of rock.” The English group became best known for their flamboyant lead singer, the late Freddie Mercury, whose dramatic vocal style and outrageous onstage antics formed much of the band's reputation and personality - deservedly or not. Often overlooked are the band's considerable musical skill and their talent for songwriting - the original four members of Queen were responsible for an impressively imaginative and diverse body of work ~ Musicianguide: Queen ~ retrieved May 16, 2015 © Musicianguide

Queen ~ Inducted in the 2006 Vocal Group Hall Of Fame.

In 1995 two songs by Queen made it to the 500 Songs That Shaped Rock & Roll ~ Bohemian Rhapsody ~ We Will Rock You

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