Benny Carter, saxophonist
birth name: Bennett Lester Carter

Benny Carter

August 8, 1907, New York, NY ~ July 12, 2003, Los Angeles, CA

He helped to lay the foundation for the swing era of the late 1930's and early 40's with arrangements he had written a decade earlier for his own big band and the orchestras of Fletcher Henderson and Chick Webb, as well as for Benny Goodman before Goodman was acclaimed as the King of Swing. ~ New York Times: Benny Carter Obituary ~ July 14, 2003 © New York Times

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While mainly a self-taught musician, Carter came from a musical family and studied piano with his mother and sister at 10 years old before receiving lessons from a private teacher for a year. He turned to the trumpet as an early teen but soon grew impatient and switched to saxophone. His early influences included the growl style trumpeter Bubber Miley and a cousin, trumpeter Cuban Bennett. Carter went to Wilberforce University to study theology but instead left to play with Horace Henderson's Wilberforce Collegians. ~ Benny Carter ~ retrieved April 29, 2014 ©

Benny Carter ~ Inducted in the 1977 Downbeat Jazz Hall Of Fame (Critics' Choice).

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