Robert Wyatt, drummer, composer
Drummer ~ Composer
Soft Machine
birth name: Robert Wyatt Ellidge

Robert Wyatt

January 28, 1945, Bristol, England

Robert Wyatt lately spawned a verb. To ‘Wyatt’ is to choose something obscure and annoying from a pub juke box in an attempt to empty the establishment. It was coined by a young teacher in London who found that Wyatt's 1991 offering Dondestan had a particularly powerful effect in this regard. Wyatt himself subsequently confessed to rather liking the idea. “I don't really like disconcerting people, but even when I try to be normal I disconcert anyway,” he suggested. ~ The Guardian/the Observer: Review Robert Wyatt/Comicopera ~ September 16, 2007 © The Guardian/The Observer

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January 28, 1978 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (10) Bee Gees, Stayin' Alive ~ #2 (5) Randy Newman, Short People ~ #1 (1) Player, Baby Come Back


An enduring figure who came to prominence in the early days of the English art rock scene, Robert Wyatt has produced a significant body of work, both as the original drummer for art rockers Soft Machine and as a radical political singer/songwriter. ~ Allmusic: Robert Wyatt ~ retrieved June 23, 2013 © Allmusic

Robert Wyatt ~ Rock Bottom (1974) ~ Ranked #36 Observer Music Monthly 100 Greatest British Albums in 2004.

Soft Machine

The Soft Machine were, for many listeners, the standard against which all jazz-rock fusion, including many of the big American names, had to be measured. ~ Prog Rock Archives: the Soft Machine ~ retrieved June 23, 2013 © ProgRock Archives

Soft Machine enjoyed two distinct phases in its relatively long existence. The band first emerged in the late 1960s as the most distinctive and original of the “Canterbury school” of progressive rock and became one of the pioneering British psychedelic groups. The band then morphed into a jazz-rock fusion act that, despite incessant personnel changes, continued to produce albums until the early 1990s. Though commercially unsuccessful and largely unknown, Soft Machine retains cult status as one of the most influential and intellectual underground bands of the late 1960s. ~ Musicianguide: The Soft Machine ~ retrieved June 23, 2013 © Musicianguide

Soft Machine ~ Third (1970) ~ Named one of the 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die in 2008.

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