Buddy Buie, songwriter, promoter
Songwriter ~ Music Promoter ~ Manger
birth name: Perry Carlton Buie

Buddy Buie

January 23, 1941, Dothan, AL ~ July 18, 2015, Dothan, AL
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Buie first tasted songwriting succcess in 1964 by penning Tommy Roe’s hit, “Party Girl.” A year later, a group that he was managing, the Webs, was hired to be Roy Orbison’s backup band and was rechristened as the Candymen. ~ Ultimate Classic Rock: Buddy Buie Obituary ~ July 19, 2015 © Ultimate Classic Rock

In the last few years Buddy Buie began to realize his enormous impact on the music industry. Gil Anthony, who served as emcee for Dothan’s Downtown Music Fest in 2010 and 2011, said two of Buie’s songs are among the top 50 most recorded. “That’s not a bad legacy to leave behind,” Anthony said. Buie - a Dothan native who wrote or co-wrote hits like “Spooky” and “Traces” and was associated with Roy Orbison, The Atlanta Rhythm Section and The Classics IV - died Saturday at Southeast Alabama Medical Center. ~ Dothan Eagle: Buddy Buie Obituary ~ July 18, 2015 © The Dothan Eagle

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January 23, 1999 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (4) Britney Spears, Baby One More Time ~ #2 (2) Deborah Cox, Nobody's Supposed To Be Here ~ #1 (1) Brandy, Have You Ever?


Singer Rodney Justo, one of the band's original members, remembers how Buie brought him and other musicians together to form the Atlanta Rhythm Section in the early 1970s. “He calls me one day, and he says 'I have an idea Rodney, and I'd like you to be a part of it,' ” Justo recalled on Sunday. “He said 'I want to get all the top musicians in the South, put them together and build a super group.” “Atlanta Rhythm Section was Buddy's dream,” Justo added. “He wanted a band that he could produce, manage, write songs for and to be a vehicle for his songs.” The band had wide influence, and “they helped define the Southern Rock genre with other bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd,” according to Buie's biography in the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. ~ USA Today: Buddy Buie Obituary ~ July 19, 2015 © USA Today

In 1978, Buie and marketing executive Arnie Geller founded the Buie/Gellar Organization, a recording management company, and BGO Records in Doraville, Georgia. Buie's later work includes “Rock Bottom” for Wynonna Judd and “Mr. Midnight” for Garth Brooks. Notable artists that have covered his songs include Gloria Estefan (“Traces”), Travis Tritt (“Back Up Against the Wall” and “Homesick”), David Sanborn (“Spooky”), and Carlos Santana (“Stormy”). Most recently John Legend used “Stormy” as the backing track on the single “Save Room,”, earning Buie a writer's credit. ~ Wikipedia: Buddy Buie ~ retrieved July 20, 2015 © Wikipedia

Buddy Buie ~ Inducted in the 2010 Alabama Hall Of Fame ~ Buie's truly literary lyrics blend seamlessly with the music, with clear, sustained imagery, classic themes, poetic motifs, and a pithy, concise wit that is often lacking in the work of peers. ~ 2010 © Albama Music Hall Of Fame.

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