Carl Feaster, singer
The Chords

Carl Feaster

September 24, 1930, New York, NY ~ January 23, 1981

Tenor, lead singer in most of the Chords' incarnations. After Carl's death in 1981, the Chords never reunited. In 1959, under the alias Lionel Thorpe Feaster recorded six songs, most of which later appeared on various Chords compilation albums. ~ Make Today Rock

The Chords

A 1950s American doo wop group, whose only hit was ‘Sh-Boom.’ ~ Wikipedia: the Chords ~ retrieved March 19, 2014 © Wikipedia

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January 23, 2010 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (4) Jay-Z & Alicia Keys, Empire State Of Mind ~ #2 (2) Lady Gaga, Bad Romance ~ #1 (1) Ke$ha, TiK ToK


However, some Pop DJs (like Peter Potter) and executives of the major record companies, feeling that an unwholesome trend was developing, began a campaign to disparage the R&B sound. They characterized the words as “leer-ics” (in truth, the lyrical content of many R&B songs was rather suggestive for the period) and commented on the poor quality of the performances. Stan Freberg even did a parody of ‘Sh-Boom,’ admonishing the singers to “mumble” since he could almost understand the words. (“This is a Rhythm and Blues number. You gotta be careful or someone's liable to understand you.” The effect could be helped along if the singers would “stick some old rags” in their mouths.) ~ Marv Goldberg's R&B Notebooks: the Chords ~ retrieved March 19, 2014 © Marv Goldberg

The Chords ~ Inducted in the 2007 Vocal Group Hall Of Fame.

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