Django Reinhardt, guitarist
birth name: Jean Baptiste Reinhardt

Django Reinhardt

January 23, 1910, Liberchies, Belgium ~ May 16, 1953, Fontainebleau, France

The story of Jean Baptiste “Django” Reinhardt has all the makings of legend. He was born in a gypsy caravan during the night of January 23, 1910, near the Belgian town of Liberchies, neighboring Charleroi. His unmarried mother, known to audiences as “La Belle Laurence,” was a dancer and acrobat working with a wandering troupe of Gypsy comedians and musicians. Many have since referred to Django as a Belgian Gypsy, due to his place of birth, or a French Gypsy, as he lived most of his life in France. But the nationality was never important; his cultural background as a Gypsy was. ~ Hotclub: Django Reinhardt ~ retrieved January 23, 2015 ©

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January 23, 1982 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (5) The J. Geils Band, Centerfold ~ #2 (2) Foreigner, Waiting For A Girl Like You ~ #1 (1) Olivia Newton-John, Physical


Despite the fire injury at age 18 that crippled his fretting hand and challenged his very will to live, this extravagant, romantic, and illiterate genius went on to hasten the acceptance of the guitar as a popular solo instrument and to inspire musicians as varied as Yehudi Menuhin, Julian Bream, Les Paul, Barney Kessel, Chet Atkins, Joe Pass, and Carlos Santana. Not only did Reinhardt become France's most famous jazz performer, but during World War Il he also assumed the status of national hero by refusing large sums of money to perform for the Nazi occupiers. After the war, expecting to reap some of his reputation's benefits, he eagerly went to the United States to tour with the Duke Ellington Orchestra. Disappointed by his reception in America, he returned to France and spent the remaining seven years of his life playing and recording with a variety of combos, fishing, playing billiards, and painting. He died unexpectedly of a stroke at the age of 43. ~ Musicianguide: Django Reinhardt ~ retrieved June 10, 2013 © Musicianguide

Django Reinhardt ~ Voted #32 Guitar World 100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time in 2012.

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