Crispian Mills, singer
Kula Shaker
birth name: Crispian John David Boulting

Crispian Mills

January 18, 1973, London, England

Mills' vocal style reflects his influences, demonstrating the soft, melodic qualities of 1960s pop, a more scratchy, textured folk leaning in the style of Bob Dylan, held together by a heavier, late-1970s rock-esque howling delivery. His lyrics are similarly varied, and demonstrate themes such as love, wisdom, and mysticism alongside political commentary, social observations and popular culture. As a guitarist, Mills is self-taught, and has observed that his “style is all about [his] right hand,” as seen through his penchant for the slide guitar technique. He is also a frequent user of the wah-wah pedal and is also known to play the harmonica and the sarod. ~ Wikipedia: Crispian Mills ~ retrieved January 14, 2014 © Wikipedia

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January 18, 1975 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (4) Neil Sedaka, Laughter In The Rain ~ #2 (8) Carpenters, Please Mr Postman ~ #1 (5) Barry Manilow, Mandy


Kula Shaker

Kula Shaker was one of the many English bands that were smooched into the Brit-Pop category during the mid 1990's - in the heyday of bands like Oasis and Radiohead. A unique sound seriously overlooked, it's not fair to say Kula Shaker fits that category. They blend traditional Indian music with 60's psychedelic rock with an ease that reminds you of The Beatles’ experimental phase. And along with English lyrics, they also write and sing in Sanskrit (Google “Sanskrit” if you want to be more impressed). Their albums consist of a wide range of styles - from hard rock anthems to delicate acoustic ballads, Indian chants to radio-friendly pop rock. One thing is for certain; this isn't your run of the mill Brit-Pop band. ~ 2nd First Look: Kula Shaker ~ October 7, 2010 © 2nd First Look

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