Composer Giovanni Pergolesi

Giovanni Pergolesi

January 14, 1710, Jesi, Italy ~ March 16, 1736, Pozzzuoli, Italy

Despite his tragically short life, Pergolesi left an impressive oeuvre, including the intermezzo La serva padrona, one of the great examples of the Italian comic opera in the eighteenth century. A successful opera composer, Pergolesi was also a highly esteemed composer of church music, exemplified by his remarkable Stabat Mater. ~ Allmusic: Giovanni Pergolesi ~ retrieved January 8, 2014 © Allmusic

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Pergolesi was one of the most important early composers of opera buffa (comic opera). His opera seria, Il prigionier superbo, contained the two act buffa intermezzo, La Serva Padrona, which became a very popular work in its own right. When it was performed in Paris in 1752, it prompted the so-called Querelle des Bouffons (‘quarrel of the comic actors’) between supporters of serious French opera by the likes of Jean-Baptiste Lully and Jean-Philippe Rameau and supporters of new Italian comic opera. Pergolesi was held up as a model of the Italian style during this quarrel, which divided Paris's musical community for two years. ~ Wikipedia: Giovanni Pergolesi

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