Singer Ray Price
Ray Price & the Cherokee Cowboys
birth name: Ray Noble Price

Ray Price

January 12, 1926, Perryville, TX ~ December 16, 2013, Mt. Pleasant, TX

The Country Music Hall of Famer’s death comes eight months after George Jones - a “Texas contemporary,” in the words of Country Music, U.S.A. author Bill C. Malone - died of hypoxic respiratory failure. As critic Michael Corcoran noted over the weekend, “If George Jones was the Frank Sinatra of country music, Ray Price was its Tony Bennett. ” But all Price ever wanted to be was Hank Williams, as evidenced by his earliest singles on the Bullet Records label. ~ Dallas News: Ray Price Obituary ~ December 16, 2013 © Dallas News

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January 12, 1980 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (5) Captain & Tennille, Do That To Me One More Time ~ #2 (3) Michael Jackson, Rock With You ~ #1 (2) Rupert Holmes, Escape (The Pina Colada Song)


Price was one of the first artists to popularize drumming in the genre, scoring his first number one country hit with 1956's ‘Crazy Arms,’ which featured the “Ray Price shuffle,” a 4/4 rhythm with walking bass. So how'd he create that sound? “I'd played a lot of dances,” Price says. “Sometimes when you're playing a lot, everyone will be dancing right in rhythm, so we'd just stop the music all of a sudden and you'd hear their feet shuffle. That kind of blew my head out. I went to the drummer and said, 'Can you give me a shuffle beat?' And it just worked out. Everyone picked up on it. I didn't have any idea what it would do but it turned out. If there's one thing you can't take away from me, I've got that.” ~ Rolling Stone: Ray Price Looks Back ~ December 13, 2013 © Rolling Stone

Ray Price ~ Inducted in the 2001 Texas Country Music Hall of Fame ~ After Hank's death early in 1953, his Drifting Cowboys became Ray's backup band, and the young artist patterned himself stylistically after Williams. But one night an audience member told him, “Ray, you sound more like ol' Hank every time I hear you.” Ray realized he needed to find his own sound, and the rest of his career would be a musical adventure. Dismissing the Drifting Cowboys, he formed a new band, the Cherokee Cowboys. Notable artists who, at one time or another, were members of the Cherokee Cowboys have included Willie Nelson, Roger Miller, and Johnny Paycheck. ~ 2001 © Texas Country Music Hall Of Fame

Ray Price ~ Night Life (1962) ~ #198 #DLW500 Dylan's 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time in 2012

Ray Price ~ For The Good Times (Kristofferson) ~ Ranked #18 Rolling Stone 40 Saddest Country Songs Of All Time in 2014 ~ Price was immediately taken by [the] lyrics, but Columbia initially released his take on them as a B side for the honky-tonk “Grazin' in Greener Pastures.” Nevertheless, by the end of 1970 “For the Good Times” had become the biggest country song of the year, and in the years following it would become a pop standard covered by artists like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash and Michael Jackson, who sang it for his mother at her 50th birthday party. ~ 2014 © Rolling Stone

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