Carole King, songwriter, singer
Songwriter ~ Singer
birth name: Carole Klein

Carole King

February 9, 1942, Brooklyn, NY

“At this point I can look back at my life and career as a songwriter and say I've done everything I really wanted to do,” King said. She's not naive. She knows popular culture has long since moved elsewhere. As a teenage music prodigy she knew what young people were thinking about and wanted to hear in music, and she's not there anymore. “I suppose if I had a reason to, if someone said I want you to write a song for this movie, I could sit down and do that,” she said. “But to just write songs and to throw them out into the marketplace, I don't think this is my time to do that.” ~ Billboard: Carole King, It Would Be Lovely To Retire ~ May 10, 2012 © Billboard

Pop music as we know it would be far different without the many lasting contributions of Carole King, who is more than a half century into her singular career as a songwriter, performer, and author. ~ Carole King ~ retrieved July 2, 2013 ©

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February 9, 1974 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (2) Ringo Starr, You're Sixteen ~ #2 (1) Barbra Streisand, The Way We Were ~ #1 (3) Love Unlimited Orchestra, Love's Theme


Picking up a copy of Tapestry today as it is re-released, King, now 67, smiles. “This really was my living room in Laurel Canyon. These were my old Indian print curtains and my cat, Telemachus.” She strokes the long-dead tabby's head with an affectionate thumb. What do you think when you look at yourself back then? “Oh, she was soooo young! She thought she was so confident and in control.” So young - 29 - but the girl on the windowsill already had many hits behind her. ~ The Telegraph: Carole King Interview ~ April 2009 © The Telegraph

Carole King ~ Inducted in the 2008 Long Island Hall Of Fame.

Carole King ~ Tapestry (1971) ~ #10 Village Voice Best Albums Of 1971.

As a Writer or co-writer

Gerry Goffin & Carole King

This young married couple, still in their teens, shared an instinct for classic pop song construction, but it was Carole's lifelong desire for a career in music that convinced Gerry to give it a try. High school friend Neil Sedaka got them an audition with Don Kirshner, and the rest was history. Their songs were always impeccably structured. Their music was for teens and dealt with themes of love, rejection, and jealously and teenagers dealing with them on their own terms. Carole's heart tugging melodies and Gerry's lyrics captured the tone and the vernacular of their audience's inner experiences with uncanny accuracy. ~ Goffin & King ~ retrieved June 28, 2013 ©

Gerry Goffin & Carole King ~ Inducted in the 1990 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame ~ Their success was so substantial that Kirshner set up a new label, Dimension, as a vehicle for Goffin-King songs, and the team moved into production and arranging as well. The pair kept abreast of stylistic changes on the vibrant Sixties scene, writing with vividness and versatility for British Invasion groups and R&B artists alike. ~ 1990 © Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

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