Billie Joe Armstrong, singer, guitarist
Singer ~ Guitarist
Green Day

Billie Joe Armstrong

February 17, 1972, Berkeley, CA

Veteran punk rocker who helped Green Day become superstars. ~ Allmusic: Billie Joe Armstrong ~ retrieved May 27, 2014 © Allmusic

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February 17, 1968 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (3) Classics IV, Spooky ~ #2 (2) the Lemon Pipers, Green Tambourine ~ #1 (1) Paul Mauriat & his Orchestra, Love Is Blue (l'Amour Est Blue)


Billie Joe Armstrong ~ Ranked #93 Rolling Stone 100 Greatest Songwriters in 2015 ~ “Back then, I just wanted to write songs I could be proud of and be able to play in five years,” Billie Joe Armstrong said last year of his attitude while creating Green Day's 1994 pop-punk breakthrough Dookie. The LP went on to sell millions and Armstrong - who didn't get the credit he deserved as a writer back in the days of more serious-minded bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam - has amassed one of the most impressive song books of the last 20 years. ~ 2015 © Rolling Stone

Green Day

Though their music wasn't particularly innovative, they brought the sound of late-'70s punk to a new, younger generation with Dookie, their 1994 major-label debut. Dookie sold over ten million copies, paving the way for a string of multi-platinum releases that opened the doors for a flood of American neo-punk, punk metal, and third wave ska revivalists. More than a decade later, as many of their former contemporaries settled into retirement, Green Day remained at the forefront of popular music with albums like the Grammy-winning American Idiot. ~ Allmusic: Green Day ~ retrieved May 27, 2014 © Allmusic

Green Day ~ Inducted in the 2015 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame ~ Fueled by the manically prolific imagination of lyricist, guitarist and lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day are the perennial punk adolescents, true to the ethos of every basement and garage-rock band that preceded them. ~ 2015 © Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Green Day ~ American Idiot (2004) ~ Voted #119 SPIN 125 Best Albums of the Past 25 Years in 2012 ~ “It started out as a joke,” Armstrong said in an earlier Q&A. “All of a sudden it started taking on the characteristics of a rock opera.” And - how American can a punk-rocker get? - it's even ended up on Broadway. ~ 2012 © SPIN

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