Rock and roll pioneer Little Richard
Singer ~ Pianist
birth name: Richard Wayne Penniman

Little Richard

December 5, 1932, Macon, GA

“God gives us the ability but Rock & Roll was created by men.” ~ Little Richard

Pounding the piano, howling his lyrics and screaming in a wild falsetto, Little Richard, the so-called Quasar of Rock, was integral to the birth of rock & roll. His unhinged performance style, mascara-coated eyelashes, and high pompadour were exotic and androgynous, and in many ways he personified the new pop music genre's gleeful sexuality and spirit of rebellion. In his own way, and as he is won't to exclaim to anyone in earshot, he is the king of rock & roll. ~ Rolling Stone: Little Richard ~ retrieved December 2, 2013 © Rolling Stone

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December 5, 1981 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (4) The Police, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic ~ #2 (2) Foreigner, Waiting For A Girl Like You ~ #1 (1) Olivia Newton-John, Physical


In his pomp, Richard garnered more imitators than any rock ’n’ roll great except for Elvis Presley, and his influence on a generation of music giants ranging from Otis Redding to the Beatles and, indeed, Elvis cannot be denied. It wasn’t just the Beatles who were inspired by him, either. Almost all the important Liverpool groups covered his records and his influence also spread south: when the Kinks began their recording career, it wasn’t with one of Ray Davies' compositions but a revival of ‘Long Tall Sally’. When Richard chose to return to the world of secular music after nearly five years singing gospel, he moved with the times and had no trouble adapting to the new soul music that had evolved from R&B. ~ Ace Records: Little Richard ~ retrieved December 4, 2015 © Ace Records

Little Richard ~ Ranked #55 Q Magazine 100 Greatest Singers Of All Time in 2007.

Little Richard ~ Here's Little Richard (1958) ~ #64 #DLW500 Dylan's 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time in 2012

Little Richard ~ Here's Little Richard (1957) ~ Ranked #95 Rolling Stone 100 Greatest Debut Albums Of All Time in 2013 ~ “I came from a family where my people didn't like rhythm and blues,” Little Richard told Rolling Stone in 1970. “Bing Crosby, Pennies From Heaven, Ella Fitzgerald was all I heard.And I knew there was something that could be louder than that, but didn't know where to find it. And I found it was me.” ~ 2013 © Rolling Stone

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