Ferlin Husky, singer
Singer ~ Songwriter
birth name: Ferlin Eugene Husky

Ferlin Husky

December 3, 1925, Flat River, MO ~ March 17, 2011, Nashville, TN

Ferlin Husky had three separate careers. Out of the three, the best known is his country-pop career, which brought him to the top of the charts in the late '50s, but he was also known as a honky tonk singer called Terry Preston and a country comic named Simon Crum. ~ Allmusic: Ferlin Husky ~ retrieved November 26, 2013 © Allmusic

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December 3, 1994 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (4) Real McCoy, Another Night ~ #2 (2) Ini Kamoze, Here Comes The Hotstepper ~ #1 (3) Boyz II Men, On Bended Knee


Husky's work influenced two musical styles. His early 1950s session work as a guitarist in California, for example, helped shape the trebly, aggressive style later known as the ‘Bakersfield sound.’ In contrast, his huge 1957 hit Gone became the blueprint for the lushly-orchestrated style of mainstream country, dubbed the ‘Nashville Sound.’ For much of the 1960s, the latter became the default mix for producers anxious to sweeten the ‘twang’ of country music as rock and roll began to eclipse it. This success was largely down to Elvis Presley, who had performed as Husky's support act in the mid-1950s tours, when Husky was the bigger star. “How many people can say Elvis Presley opened shows for them?” he reflected half a century later. ~ The Telegraph: Ferlin Husky Obituary ~ June 6, 2011 © The Telegraph

Ferlin Husky ~ Inducted in the 2010 Country Music Hall of Fame ~ Husky's first Capitol success was the smash hit A Dear John Letter, on which featured artist Jean Shepard sang choruses punctuating Husky's recitation as a soldier whose sweetheart has decided to marry his brother. With the Korean War still underway, the recording entered Billboard's country chart in July 1953, shot to #1, and crossed over to #16 pop. ~ 2010 © Country Music Hall Of Fame

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