Jorma Kaukonen, guitarist
Guitarist ~ Singer ~ Songwriter
Jefferson Airplane ~ Hot Tuna
birth name: Jorma Ludwik Kaukonen, Junior

Jorma Kaukonen

December 23, 1940, Washington DC

In 1965, Kaukonen became a founding member of Jefferson Airplane, which soared to fame in 1967. Though Kaukonen's songs and vocals were not prominently featured in the band, his distinctive guitar-playing was crucial to its sound. With bassist Jack Casady, Kaukonen formed a spinoff duo from the group in 1970 called Hot Tuna, and this became his primary musical vehicle after Jefferson Airplane split in 1973. ~ Allmusic: Jorma Kaukonen ~ retrieved July 23, 2013 © Allmusic

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December 23, 2006 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (4) Fergie, Fergalicious ~ #2 (2) Akon featuring Snoop Dogg, I Wanna Love You ~ #1 (1) Beyoncé, Irreplaceable


Jorma Kaukonen ~ Ranked Fricke's Picks: #54 Rolling Stone 100 Greatest Guitarists in 2003 ~ A gifted fingerpicker and bluesman who developed a raga-inflected style as the Airplane's folk rock grew increasingly psychedelic. ~ 2003 © Rolling Stone

The Jefferson Airplane

The Charlatans may have been the first band to emerge from the San Francisco drug culture in the mid-1960s, but it was the Jefferson Airplane, who formed almost immediately after, that came to be the voice of the hippie generation. ~ Musicianguide: Jefferson Airplane ~ retrieved January 9, 2014 © Musicianguide

“Jorma, our lead guitar player, always thought that we were part of a CIA LSD experiment. […] So that whenever we would go out across the country, they would go in ahead of us and tell the local police department, ‘Don’t arrest them, they’re OK, we got an eye on them’.” ~ Paul Kantner ~ First Amendment Center: Paul Kantner ~ June 20, 2001 © First Amendment Center

The Jefferson Airplane ~ Inducted in the 1996 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame ~ In terms of music and lifestyle, the Jefferson Airplane epitomized the San Francisco scene of the mid-to-late Sixties. Their heady psychedelia, combustible group dynamic and adventuresome live shows made them one of the defining bands of the era. ~ 1996 © Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Hot Tuna

While in the Jefferson Airplane, putting together the soundtrack of the sixties, Jorma and Jack remained loyal to the blues, jazz, bluegrass and folk influences of the small clubs and larger venues they had learned from years before. They would play together, working up a set of songs that they performed at clubs in the Bay Area, often after having played a set with the Airplane. This led to a record contract; in fact, they had an album recorded before they decided to name their band Hot Tuna. With it, they launched on an odyssey which has continued for more than four decades, always finding new and interesting turns in its path forward. ~ Red House Records: Hot Tuna ~ retrieved December 17, 2013 © Red House Records

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