Menahem Pressler, pianist
The Beaux Arts Trio
birth name: Max Jacob Pressler

Menahem Pressler

December 16, 1923, Magdenburg, Germany

“When I'm in good form, the happiest listener is me.” ~ Menahem Pressler

In addition to recording nearly the entire piano chamber repertoire with the Beaux Arts Trio on the Philips label, Menahem Pressler has compiled over thirty solo recordings, ranging from the works of Bach to Ben-Haim. ~ Menahem Pressler ~ retrieved December 20, 2014 ©

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What makes Pressler's playing so special? In a word, I'd have to say “fidelity” - fidelity to the essential spirit and interpretive intentions of the composer. Some great pianists - owing to their singular brand of genius - can get away with quirky personal mannerisms (like Glenn Gould) or flashy, self-serving technical display (like Vladimir Horowitz). But you'll never hear such personal idiosyncrasies in this artist's playing. Pressler's approach is to search for and distill the artistic truth in the music itself - not to obscure or distort it with the colors and characteristics of his own personality. ~ Charleston Today: A Cherished “Elder Statesman” Of The Piano ~ December 16, 2011 © Charleston Today

Menahem Pressler ~ Received a 2013 UIB University Medal ~ Co-founder and the only pianist of the Beaux Arts Trio for more than 50 years, Pressler has established himself among the world's most distinguished and honored musicians, with a career that spans almost seven decades. He continues to perform throughout the world both as a piano soloist and collaborating chamber musician while maintaining his teaching career. ~ 2013 © University Indiana Bloomington

The Beaux Arts Trio

Long recognized as the leading piano trio in a competitive field, the Beaux Arts Trio is known for precise, straightforward performances and recordings of everything in the standard Central European trio literature. In concert, the group makes frequent forays into contemporary and non-mainstream music, but this is hardly evident in its conservative discography. ~ Allmusic: Beaux Arts Trio ~ retrieved December 20, 2014 © Allmusic

The Beaux Arts Trio ~ Inducted in the 2012 American Classical Music Hall Of Fame ~ One of the most important piano trios, being regarded as pathbreaking for the classical-romantic repertoire. ~ 2013 © American Classical Hall Of Fame

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