Syreeta, singer
birth name: Rita Wright


August 3, 1946, Philadelphia, PA ~ July 6, 2004, Los Angeles, CA

Started singing at age four. Her father died while serving in the Korean War and Wright and her two sisters, Yvonne (later a songwriter in her own right) and Kim, were raised by their mother Essie and their grandmother. The Wrights moved back and forth from Detroit to South Carolina before finally settling in Detroit just as Wright entered high school. Money problems kept Wright from pursuing a career in ballet so Wright focused her attention on a music career joining several singing groups before landing a job as a receptionist for Motown in 1965. ~ Wikipedia: Syreeta Wright ~ retrieved June 11, 2013 © Wikipedia

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In 1968, the soul singer and songwriter Syreeta Wright, who has died of cancer aged 58, met Stevie Wonder. Two years later, the couple married. The marriage was not a success - they were divorced in 1972 - but the musical collaboration was. Syreeta wrote lyrics to many of Wonder's tunes during the next few years. These included the uptempo Signed, Sealed And Delivered I'm Yours, the melodic ballad Never Thought You'd Leave In Summer, If You Really Love Me and other songs for Wonder's 1971 and 1972 albums Where I'm Coming From, Music Of My Mind and Talking Book. He produced her first solo albums, Syreeta (1972) and Stevie Wonder Presents Syreeta (1974). ~ The Guardian: Syreeta Wright Obituary ~ July 13, 2004 © The Guardian

As a Session musician, guest or band member

Stevie Wonder ~ Songs In The Key Of Life (1976) ~ Ranked #57 Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time in 2012 ~ Making this record, Stevie Wonder would often stay in the studio 48 hours straight, not eating or sleeping, while everyone around him struggled to keep up. “If my flow is goin', I keep on until I peak,” he said. The flow went so well, Wonder released 21 songs, packaged as a double album and a bonus EP. ~ 2012 © Rolling Stone

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