Elvis Costello, singer, songwriter
Singer ~ Songwriter
birth name: Declan Patrick MacManus

Elvis Costello

August 25, 1954, Paddington, England

I don't know much about Morrisey. Apart from the fact he sometimes brings out records with the greatest titles in the world that somewhere along the line he then neglects to write songs for. ~ Elvis Costello

Costello emerged as one of the most innovative, influential, and best songwriters since Bob Dylan. ~ Allmusic: Elvis Costello ~ retrieved March 12, 2014 © Allmusic

At 54, Elvis Costello is still leaping from genre to genre like a young pond frog spoilt for choice with waterlilies. Having produced hit after New Wave hit in the late Seventies with his band The Attractions, he turned a little bit country in the early Eighties. After that came, in no particular order, recordings of jazz, swing and opera, as well as his innovative work with the Brodsky Quartet, a collaboration that is still going strong after 17 years. ~ The Telegraph: Elvis Costello Interview ~ June 17, 2009 © The Telegraph

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August 25, 1979 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (3) Barbra Streisand, The Main Event/Fight ~ #2 (1) Chic, Good Times ~ #1 (2) The Knack, My Sharona


Combining piercing, literate lyrics and an uncompromising attitude with the melodicism and stylistic breadth of classic pop groups like the Beatles, Elvis Costello forged a much-imitated style that led the way for a great deal of the “alternative” music that followed. “Since his arrival on the postpunk scene 17 years ago,” wrote Time magazine critic Guy Garcia in 1994, “Elvis Costello has shown himself to be one of the most prolific and protean songwriters of his generation.” Costello has proven versatile, even writing his first opera in 2005. ~ Musicianguide: Elvis Costello ~ retrieved March 12, 2014 © Musicianguide

Elvis Costello & the Atractions ~ Inducted in the 2003 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame ~ Costello has been called “the finest songwriter of his generation,” and he ranks among the most prolific, too. ~ 2003 © Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Elvis Costello ~ Get Happy (1980) ~ #2 NME Best Albums Of 1980

As a Producer or co-producer

The Specials ~ The Specials (1979) ~ Ranked #42 Pitchfork Top 100 Albums Of The 1970s in 2004 ~ Second-wave ska is perhaps the one instance when a pop/rock revival bested the original - in large part thanks to The Specials. ~ 2004 © Pitchfork

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