Indian-born Dutch singer, Golden Earring frontman Barry Hay
Golden Earring

Barry Hay

August 16, 1948, Faisabad, India

Barry Hay is the lead vocalist of Golden Earring, one of the most popular Dutch rock bands of the 20th century. In addition to his decades of output with Golden Earring, he released solo albums from time to time. Born […] in Faizabad, India, he moved to the Netherlands at age ten. ~ Allmusic: Barry Hay ~ retrieved July 23, 2013 © Allmusic

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August 16, 1975 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (3) Olivia Newton-John, Please Mr Please ~ #2 (4) Eagles, One Of These Nights ~ #1 (1) Bee Gees, Jive Talkin'


He voices Rock Zilla, in the Dutch version of Gene Simmons' cartoon series My Dad The Rock Star. ~ Wikipedia: Barry Hay ~ retrieved July 23, 2013 © Wikipedia

Golden Earring

They experimented with their style for several years before settling on straightforward hard rock initially much like that of the Who, who invited them to open their 1972 European tour. Golden Earring signed to the Who's Track label, which released a compilation of Dutch singles, Hearing Earring, helping the group break through in England. Released in 1974, the Moontan LP spawned the single ‘Radar Love,’ a Dutch number one, U.K. Top Ten, and U.S. number 13 hit. They toured America opening for the Doobie Brothers and Santana, but the lack of a follow-up ensured that their popularity remained short-lived in America, even though they remained a top draw in Europe over the rest of the 1970s. The band experienced a brief American comeback in 1982 with the album Cut and the Top Ten single ‘Twilight Zone,’ but as before, Golden Earring could not sustain their momentum and faded away in the U.S. marketplace. (‘Radar Love’ did enjoy a second round of popularity in the U.S. when pop-metal band White Lion covered the song in 1989.) Nevertheless, the band persisted over the ensuing decades, recording and performing well into the new millennium and remaining a concert draw in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. ~ Allmusic: Golden Earring ~ retrieved July 23, 2013 © Allmusic

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