Musician David Crosby
Singer ~ Songwriter
Byrds ~ Crosby Stills Nash (& Young)
birth name: David Van Cortlandt Crosby

David Crosby

August 14, 1941, Los Angeles, CA

The captain of the 74-foot schooner ‘Mayan’ has been at-home on the water for a long time. “I started sailing when I was 11,”Crosby said, “and so I've been sailing 54 years.” This wooden ship is one constant in a life that's seen its share of ups and downs. ~ CBS News: The Life and Wild Times of David Crosby ~ January 20, 2008 © CBS News

David Crosby's musical career has been a long and productive one, despite repeated interruptions due to his much-publicized troubles with drugs and the law. Crosby first sang professionally with his brother, Ethan, in a folksinging duo. They played small clubs and coffeehouses around Los Angeles for a time before David hit the road as a solo act. For a few years he led a vagabond existence, barely eking out a living. Things changed drastically after he joined forces with another folkie, Roger McGuinn, and began experimenting with electronic amplification. By the summer of 1964, they had induced Gene Clark, Chris Hillman, and Mike Clark to join them in a new group called the Byrds. ~ Musicianguide: David Crosby ~ retrieved August 12, 2014 © Musicianguide

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August 14, 1993 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (3) SWV, Weak ~ #2 (2) Tag Team, Whoomp! (There It Is) ~ #1 (1) UB40, Can't Help Falling In Love


David Crosby ~ Inducted in the 2009 Songwriters Hall Of Fame.

As a Session musician, guest or band member

Jackson Browne ~ For Everyman (1973) ~ Ranked #450 Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time in 2012 ~ On his second album, Browne emerged as the J.D. Salinger of the L.A. singer-songwriters; songs like These Days (first recorded by Velvet Underground singer Nico) capture the shift from the idealistic Sixties to the disillusioned Seventies. ~ 2012 © Rolling Stone

The Byrds

Although they only attained the huge success of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and the Beach Boys for a short time in the mid-'60s, time has judged the Byrds to be nearly as influential as those groups in the long run. They were not solely responsible for devising folk-rock, but they were certainly more responsible than any other single act (Bob Dylan included) for melding the innovations and energy of the British Invasion with the best lyrical and musical elements of contemporary folk music. The jangling, 12-string guitar sound of leader Roger McGuinn's Rickenbacker was permanently absorbed into the vocabulary of rock. They also played a vital role in pioneering psychedelic rock and country-rock, the unifying element being their angelic harmonies and restless eclecticism. ~ Allmusic: the Byrds ~ retrieved April 16, 2014 © Allmusic

The Byrds ~ Inducted in the 1991 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame ~ At a time when rock and roll was exploding in all fronts, the Byrds led the way with an insatiable curiosity about the forms and directions pop music could take. In so doing, they became peers and equals of their mentors, Dylan and the Beatles. ~ 1991 © Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young)

The close, high harmonies and soft-rock songs of David Crosby, Stephen Stills, and Graham Nash as Crosby, Stills, & Nash - or CSN&Y, with the frequent addition of Neil Young - sold millions of albums and were widely imitated throughout the Seventies. The members were as volatile as their songs were dulcet, and since 1970 have continually split up and regrouped. Rock's first supergroup, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young each had successful recording careers before coming together - Crosby with the Byrds, Stills and Young with Buffalo Springfield, and Nash with the Hollies - and each has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame at least twice. Stills and Crosby began writing songs together in 1968, after Buffalo Springfield broke up (The Byrds had already split, in 1967). Nash, who had just quit the Hollies, joined them soon thereafter and the trio performed together for the first time at the L.A. home of Cass Elliott of the Mamas and the Papas. ~ Rolling Stone: Crosby, Stills & Nash ~ retrieved April 22, 2014 © Rolling Stone

Crosby Stills & Nash ~ Inducted in the 1998 Vocal Group Hall Of Fame ~ Though all three were guitarists (Stills was the “hot” lead player), the concentration on tight vocals gave them a fresh, country-rock sound that seemed all the more original as the psychedelic era began to wind down in the early ‘70s. ~ 1998 © Vocal Group Hall Of Fame

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