Leo Fender, guitar builder
Guitar builder
birth name: Clarence Leonidas Fender

Leo Fender

August 10, 1909, Santa Ana, CA ~ March 21, 1991, Fullerton, CA

Leo Fender didn’t invent the electric guitar, but he certainly revolutionized it. Leo’s flair for guitar design reached its pinnacle with his work on the Telecaster, the Precision Bass and, most famously, the Stratocaster, the musical instrument that was the central force in defining rock ‘n’ roll in the 1950s and ’60s, and whose influence continues to dominate every genre of popular music. ~ True Fire: Leo Fender ~ August 10, 2011 © TrueFire.com

Fender never learned how to play the instruments he made a career of building. ~ Wikipedia: Leo Fender ~ retrieved July 19, 2013 © Wikipedia

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About that time [mid 1930s], Leo took a job as an accountant for the California Highway Department in San Luis Obispo. In a depression government change-up, Leo's job was eliminated, and he then took a job in the accounting department of a tire company. After working there six months, Leo lost his job along with the other accountants in the company. So, in 1938, with $600 dollars he borrowed, Leo and Esther returned to Fullerton, and Leo started his own radio repair shop, known as "Fender Radio Service". Soon thereafter, musicians and band leaders began coming to Leo for PA systems, which he began building, selling and renting, and for amplification for the amplified acoustic guitars that beginning to show up in the southern California music scene, in big band and jazz music, and for the electric "Hawaiian" or "lap steel" guitars becoming popular in country music. ~ Free Information Society: Leo Fender ~ retrieved August 4, 2013 © Free Information Society

Leo Fender ~ Inducted in the 1992 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame ~ It's safe to say there would be no such thing as rock and roll without its distinctive instrumentation. To put it another way, rock and roll as we know it could not exist without Leo Fender, inventor of the first solid-body electric guitar to be mass-produced: the Fender Broadcaster. Fender's instruments - which also include the Stratocaster, the Precision bass (the first electric bass) and some of the music world’s most coveted amplifiers - revolutionized popular music in general and rock and roll in particular. ~ 1992 © Rock & Rock Hall Of Fame

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