Frank Black, singer, songwriter
Singer ~ Songwriter
birth name: Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV

Frank Black

April 6, 1965, Boston MA

Inverting his stage name from Black Francis to Frank Black, the former Pixies lead singer/songwriter embarked on a solo career after he broke up the band in early 1993; actually, he began recording his solo album before he told the band the news.. ~ Allmusic: Frank Black ~ retrieved April 19, 2014 © Allmusic

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April 6, 1991 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (7) Wilson Phillips, You're In Love ~ #2 (5) Londonbeat, I've Been Thinking About You ~ #1 (1) Gloria Estefan, Coming Out Of The Dark


The Pixies

on Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit ~ “I was trying to write the ultimate pop song. I was basically trying to rip off the Pixies. I have to admit it. When I heard the Pixies for the first time, I connected with that band so heavily I should have been in that band - or at least in a Pixies cover band. We used their sense of dynamics, being soft and quiet and then loud and hard.” ~ Kurt Cobain, Nirvana

Considered one of the most vital American alternative rock bands of the late 1980s, the Pixies attracted a huge European audience, as well as a moderate underground American following, between 1987 and 1993 with their combination of brash, intentionally tasteless punk and post-punk indie guitar rock, classic pop, and surf rock. Although the band never established strong commercial success in the United States, the Pixies' hard rock melodies and subversion of conventional song structures influenced many bands of the 1990s. The band disbanded in 1993, yet its raw, unstudied approach to music, combined with singer/songwriter/guitarist Black Francis' bizarre rants on religion, UFOs, mutilation, and pop culture, spawned a host of imitators that have summarily failed to match the Pixies' in either popularity or reputation. ~ Musicianguide: the Pixies ~ retrieved April 19, 2014 © Musicianguide

The Pixies ~ Ranked #81 VH-1 100 Greatest Hard Rock Artists in 2000

The Pixies ~ Where Is My Mind ~ Named one of the 500 Songs That Shaped Rock & Roll in 1995.

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