Steven Cat Coore, guitarist, cellist
Guitarist ~ Cellist
Third World

Steven ‘Cat’ Coore

April 6, 1950, Kingston, Jamaica

Coore’s father was Jamaica's Minister of Finance under Michael Manley’s government and as his career progressed he assumed the role of deputy Prime Minister. Coore Jnr.'s mother played the cello in the Jamaican Youth Orchestra and also taught music, which led to allegations in the media of partiality. Addressing the issue in the liner-notes of Third World Reggae Greats, Coore asserted “Sure I was Mr So-and-So's son from across the gully but it didn’t make any difference.” ~ Allmusic: Steven Coore ~ retrieved May 6, 2014 © Allmusic

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April 6, 1974 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (1) John Denver, Sunshine On My Shoulders ~ #2 (4) Elton John, Bennie And The Jets ~ #1 (2) Blue Swede, Hooked On A Feeling


Third World

While a few other reggae bands approach their mark of longevity, Third World is distinctive by virtue of their crossover skill: a great deal of their success grew from their ability to blend reggae music with other sounds, particularly those coming out of black American culture. Although most of the band's members over the years have been Kingston, Jamaica-born, their musical roots are unusually diverse. Many reggae bands are spawned from the ambitions of Jamaican teenagers who have taught themselves to play their instruments, but Third World was the brainchild of two young men with classical training. ~ Musicianguide: Third World ~ retrieved May 6, 2014 © Musicianguide

Third World ~ Now That We've Found Love (Huff/Gamble) ~ Ranked #93 SoulBounce Top 100 Soul/R&B Songs in 2008 ~ Third World are reggae superstars, and you would be hard pressed to find anyone of Jamaican heritage who didn't have fond memories of this song. Much more disco-influenced than their other works, Now That We've Found Love has undoubtedly provided the backdrop to many a summertime late-afternoon block party or was likely able to lift your spirits up as you painfully worked through your household chores. ~ 2008 © SoulBounce

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