Pharrell, rapper, producer
Rapper ~ Producer ~ Songwriter
The Neptunes
birth name: Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams

April 5, 1973, Virginia Beach, VA

Like his childhood friend Timbaland, Pharrell Williams wants to do more than simply make hit records. The flamboyant half of production stars the Neptunes, and songwriter responsible for the Britney Spears hit ‘I'm a Slave 4 U,’ would like to inject more variety into rhythm & blues. “I want you to raise your awareness and listen to this R&B,” Pharrell forewarned fans Tuesday. “When I tell you I'm gonna reshape it, I'ma get rid of this Range Rover R&B and all this ‘platinum’ and ‘Bentleys’ talk. There's so much more to black life and culture than the materialistic portion that seems to consume all the lyrical content on the radio. I want to offer our difference and perspective, and I promise we're gonna make people move and feel R&B again.” ~ MTV: Neptunes’ Pharrell Williams rethinks R&B ~ September 28, 2001 © MTV

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April 5, 1969 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (3) the Zombies, Time Of The Season ~ #2 (4) the 5th Dimension, Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In ~ #1 (1) Tommy Roe, Dizzy


The Neptunes

What typifies Right Now in 2004 are the sharp beats of three producers from the Virginia Beach area: Timothy (Timbaland) Mosley, 32, and the Neptunes, a.k.a. Pharrell Williams, 30, and Chad Hugo, 29. Turn on any pop radio station in America and you'll hear their work. The song may be nominally pop or R&B, but you'll hear a genetic link to hip-hop. The surface is shiny and the beats are proudly digital, articulated to the point of restlessness. The melodies are flecked with eruptions of the mechanical, as if NASA were hacking the signal. If it's not Timbaland or the Neptunes you're hearing, it's a knockoff. Timbaland and the Neptunes found success in the late 90's with hip-hop tracks, but they are not strictly hip-hop artists. They use samples and drum machines to make music, but they write songs with bridges and key changes. ~ New York Times: Style, The Sound ~ February 8, 2004 © New York Times

The Neptunes ~ Named one of The Source Magazine 20 Greatest Producers in 2008.

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