Chris Mars, drummer
Drummer ~ Painter ~ Filmer
The Replacements
birth name: Christopher Mars

Chris Mars

April 26, 1961, Minneapolis, MN

Chris Mars co-founded the Replacements when he was seventeen-years-old, and spent the next ten years pounding his drumset behind a band which produced some of the most influential sounds of the l980's. The Replacements made eight records and became one of the very few underground acts of the era to make it onto a major label. Chris wrote music throughout his tenure with the Replacements, co-authoring some of the songs responsible with launching the band's reputation. ~ Bar/None Records: Chris Mars ~ retrieved July 12, 2015 © Bar/None Records

The 'Mats drummer continued to make driving, appealing power pop as a solo artist. ~ Allmusic: Chris Mars ~ retrieved July 12, 2015 © Allmusic

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April 26, 2008 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (7) Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown, No Air ~ #2 (4) Lil Wayne featuring Static Major, Lollipop ~ #1 (2) Leona Lewis, Bleeding Love


In Rolling Stone's Alt Rock-a-Rama Mars detailed the kind of hell-raising that he and the other Replacements - singer-guitarist Paul Westerberg, lead guitarist Bob Stinson, and bassist Tommy Stinson - indulged in when they were together. Among other incidents, Mars was thrown in jail for playing chicken with an unmarked police car. […] Mars appeared on only a few songs on the Replacements' final album, All Shook Down (1990), and left before the subsequent tour, unhappy with Westerberg's increasing control of the band. ~ Wikipedia: Chris Mars ~ retrieved April 25, 2016 © Wikipedia

The Replacements

Willfully messy and driven toward self-sabotage, they became one of the best and most influential rock & roll bands of the '80s. ~ Allmusic: The Replacements ~ retrieved July 12, 2015 © Allmusic

Like their Minneapolis brethren, Hüsker Dü, the Replacements embraced a unique merger of Power Pop and Punk and were among the first Underground bands in the States to crack a major label. Critics loved them, and their following was amongst the most devoted in music. The music of the Replacements was amongst the best angst ridden pop ever produced. ~ Not In Hall Of Fame: The Replacements ~ retrieved July 20, 2015 © Not In Hall Of Fame

In 1995 two songs by the Replacements made it to the 500 Songs That Shaped Rock & Roll ~ Here Comes A Regular ~ I Will Dare

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