Roy Orbison, singer
Singer ~ Songwriter
The Traveling Wilburys
birth name: Roy Kelton Orbison

Roy Orbison

April 23, 1936, Vernon, TX ~ December 6, 1988, Madison, TN

Although he shared the same rockabilly roots as Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison went on to pioneer an entirely different brand of country/pop-based rock & roll in the early '60s. What he lacked in charisma and photogenic looks, Orbison made up for in spades with his quavering operatic voice and melodramatic narratives of unrequited love and yearning. In the process, he established rock & roll archetypes of the underdog and the hopelessly romantic loser. These were not only amplified by peers such as Del Shannon and Gene Pitney, but also influenced future generations of roots rockers such as Bruce Springsteen and Chris Isaak, as well as modern country stars the Mavericks. ~ Allmusic: Roy Orbison ~ retrieved December 3, 2013 © Allmusic

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April 23, 1966 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (4) Johnny Rivers, Secret Agent Man ~ #2 (3) Cher, Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) ~ #1 (1) the Righteous Brothers, (You're My) Soul And Inspiration


Roy Orbison ~ Ranked #13 Rolling Stone 100 Greatest Singers in 2008 ~ Tom Petty called him “probably the greatest singer in the world.” Another of his fellow Traveling Wilburys, Bob Dylan, said he had “the voice of a professional criminal.” ~ 2008 © Rolling Stone

In 2012 four Roy Orbison albums made it to the #DLW500 Dylan's 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time ~ #483 The Fastest Guitar Alive (1968) ~ #369 The Many Moods Of Roy Orbison ~ #240 The Orbison Way (1966) ~ #151 Roy Orbison Sings Lonely And Blue (1960)

In 1995 two songs by Roy Orbison made it to the 500 Songs That Shaped Rock & Roll ~ Oh, Pretty WOman ~ Only The Lonely

As a Session musician, guest or band member

Tom Petty ~ Full Moon Fever (1988) ~ Ranked #92 Rolling Stone 100 Best Albums Of The Eighties in 1990 ~ Petty's first album without the Heartbreakers, fell together almost by accident early in 1988 when he and new acquaintance Jeff Lynne wrote and cut a few songs together at guitarist Mike Campbell's garage studio. The result was an album of pop nuggets with a bright, Sixties-style sheen. ~ 1990 © Rolling Stone

The Traveling Wilburys

The Traveling Wilburys ~ Inducted in the 2007 Vocal Group Hall Of Fame.

The Traveling Wilburys ~ The Traveling Wilburys, Volume 1 (1988) ~ Ranked #70 Rolling Stone 100 Best Albums Of The Eighties in 1990 ~ “This is the best record of its kind ever made,” wrote David Wild in Rolling Stone's review of the Traveling Wilburys' Volume One. “Then again,” he added, “it's also the only record of its kind ever made.” ~ 1990 © Rolling Stone

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