Murray Perahia, pianist, conductor
Pianist ~ Conductor

Murray Perahia

April 19, 1947, New York, NY

Perahia is often described as a ‘musician's musician,’ one who does not adopt a virtuoso persona, but performs with a distinctive directness, without exaggerated or demonstrative gestures. His playing is clean and meticulous, his sound cool, transparent, sparkling, and exquisitely shaded. He is best known for his performances of Classical and early Romantic repertoire; from the late 1990s he developed an especial reputation as an interpreter of Bach. ~ Allmusic: Murray Perahia ~ retrieved July 3, 2013 © Allmusic

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It is an unthinkable dilemma for any pianist. What do you do when fate delivers a nasty blow and there is the grim prospect of never being able to play again? This is the situation that Murray Perahia had to face in the Nineties, when an inexplicable and agonising swelling in his right thumb compelled him to put on hold an illustrious career that had been blossoming ever since he won the Leeds Piano Competition in 1972. For several years, when he was still in his forties, he had to abandon the concert platform, but he did not abandon music. He turned to Bach, studying the scores away from the keyboard, analysing and learning. When he was finally able to resume playing in public, Bach's music had become a key component of his repertoire. “I found I was obsessed with it,” he says. ~ The Telegraph: Why Murray Perahia turned to Bach ~ March 20, 2008 © The Telegraph

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