Ritchie Blackmore, guitarist
Deep Purple ~ Rainbow
birth name: Richard Hugh Blackmore

Ritchie Blackmore

April 14, 1945, Somerset, England

British guitarist Ritchie Blackmore started out as a session player and then was a cofounder of the hard rock group Deep Purple in 1968. ~ Allmusic: Ritchie Blackmore ~ retrieved September 11, 2014 © Allmusic

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April 14, 1979 ~ Billboard Hot 100 ~ #3 (7) Amii Stewart, Knock On Wood ~ #2 (1) Gloria Gaynor, I Will Survive ~ #1 (2) The Doobie Brothers, What A Fool Believes


Ritchie Blackmore ~ Ranked Fricke's Picks: #55 Rolling Stone 100 Greatest Guitarists in 2003 ~ The Deep Purple and Rainbow leader is a master of both bottom-line riffs and jaw-dropping virtuoso flights. It's ironic that despite his classical leanings, this master technician is best-known for one of the most simplest riffs of all time: Purple's Smoke on the Water. ~ 2003 © Rolling Stone

Deep Purple

Much of the unique appeal of Deep Purple's style of rock and roll has been attributed to the “call and response” guitar work of Lord and Blackmore, which Heavy Metal Thunder author Phillip Bashe traced to the trading and answering of phrases displayed in the technique of black gospel vocal groups. ~ Musicianguide: Deep Purple ~ retrieved April 16, 2014 © Musicianguide

Deep Purple ~ Ranked #22 VH-1 100 Greatest Hard Rock Artists in 2000.


Over the years Rainbow went through many line-up changes with no two studio albums featuring the same line-up. ~ Wikipedia: Rainbow ~ retrieved May 2, 2016 © Allmusic

The project was originally billed as a Blackmore solo record, which wouldn’t have affected Deep Purple much, but by April the guitarist had performed his last gig with the band, and two months later, he officially announced he was leaving to launch Rainbow. Not so surprising given the music they made together and led by a revitalized Blackmore, who dug deep into his classical training to merge ancient forms and medieval music with the hard-rock formulas he had helped define in recent years ~ Ultimate Classic Rock: 40 Years Ago, Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow Release Their Debut Album ~ August 4, 2015 © Ultimate Classic Rock

Rainbow ~ Ranked #90 VH-1 100 Greatest Hard Rock Artists in 2000.

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